Student written work to be uploaded here by student request.


1. Individual oral presentation: 30 minutes duration (50% of total grade)

Due date: different session assigned to each student (2 students per session).

Presentation Guidelines: Presentations should focus on the assigned readings for that session and incorporate any additional texts from the recommended readings/viewings or beyond. 30 minutes includes discussion. You are welcome to read from a written script for up to 20 minutes, as in a conference presentation, and to turn in the written script (approx. 2000 words) for the purposes of evaluation by instructor. You may also use PowerPoint if you wish but are advised not to rely on this exclusively.

2. Non-evaluative written commentary on presentations: 600 words (10% of total grade)

Due date: different session assigned to each student (2 students per session).

Commentary Guidelines: The purpose of these commentaries is to draw out key points in the readings and discussion, while also engaging in a non-evaluative manner with your peers, in order to inform discussion in future sessions. You should draw on the readings and the student presentations.

3. Essay: 1500 words (40% of total grade)
Topic to be based on written prompts from instructor or to be chosen in consultation with instructor.
Due date: 10 December 2018

Essay Guidelines: You are encouraged to be creative and inventive in your choice and treatment of topic. Closely textual analysis is extremely important, as is rooting your theoretical claims in assigned readings. You will be given a set of topics but will also have the option of developing your own topic, in consultation with the instructor. Please
use Chicago style citation in the text of your essay (footnotes rather than parenthetical citations) and include a bibliography at the end.

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